A dog is desperately waiting for his former owners at the scene of his abandonment. Fallen ill, an association saves him!

Abandoned and sick, a bitch left to her own devices on the side of the road still hoped for the return of her masters, but they never returned. Fortunately, volunteers noticed it and took charge of it. His new life could begin.

The abandonment of pets is a real scourge . The consequences on these beings who find themselves alone and vulnerable overnight are terrible: hunger, thirst, cold, illnesses… Not to mention incomprehension and loneliness.

This is what a bitch experienced in Panama, as I Love My Dog So Much tells. She was alone on the side of the road . Its owners had abandoned her and she had only comfort for a jacket on which it remained lying.

Many passers-by had seen her, but no one had stopped to help her. Weak and hungry , she also had scabies . The disease had caused him to lose almost all of his hair .

A local association , Pets Angels Panama , eventually learned about it. Her volunteers immediately went to the scene to take charge of the dog.

They then took her to the vet , then to a small municipal shelter , where she continued to receive treatment . Despite the pain , the dog, who was named Honey , was extremely gentle and friendly to everyone.

His state of health gradually improved . Honey gained weight and her hair began to grow back . She has become more and more energetic and playful .

The Pets Angels Panama team will soon be able to look for a new home for him , after a period with a foster family .

Here’s Honey’s rescue and transformation in video :

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