Protect his dog from the sun

Illustration : "Protéger son chien du soleil"

if dogs like the sun as much as humans, they will be threatened if they are exposed to the sun for a long time. Ultraviolet light and high temperature bring many dangers to our dog companions. How to effectively protect them?

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our dogs will also be affected by high temperature, with lower fur and more exposure… Dog’s sunscreen can prevent long-term exposure to water. Its main ally

also indicates that it may bring disaster to our four legged friends on sunny days. If we are hurt by the sun and high temperature, they are also dangerous to our dogs because they don’t always have a chance to avoid them.

unfortunately, dogs are often locked in cars in midsummer, The suffocating thing is that although the window is half open, there is still hellish heat in the cabin. Some owners tie their dogs to the sunshine in the garden without shading. Sunshine and heat have a great impact on their health. In some cases (skin cancer) can be fatal. Therefore, we must protect our dogs from these dangers.

our dogs will also suffer from the high temperature of

. If we more or less bear heat through appropriate temperature control, our dogs will encounter more difficulties in this regard. We sweat to keep our body at an acceptable temperature, and our dogs mainly pass through their mouths.

in summer, our dogs are at great risk of heatstroke. If they naturally know how to protect themselves, often hide in the shade and save money, we sometimes make them unable to protect themselves: lock them in the car when shopping, tie them in the sun and don’t replenish water,

therefore, heatstroke will always be waiting for them. When heatstroke comes, it will be manifested in different ways: rapid and noisy breathing, very hot truffles, shaking, dizziness, excessive saliva, vomiting… This may lead to unconsciousness. Then, you must take immediate action to take the dog to a cool place, wet it with linen soaked in warm water (especially not too cold), and then take it to the veterinarian.

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some dogs are more vulnerable to sunlight than others. Furry breeds, such as Weimar stork, bull terrier, Beagle, Dalmatian and German dog, have a higher degree of skin exposure to the sun. Peeling is the main protective measure against sunlight. Therefore, these dogs have a very high risk of skin cancer.

on the other hand, the so-called short headed dogs (dogs with short skull and flattened nose) are more vulnerable to heat due to breathing difficulties. Some English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, carlins Bulldogs and Beijing Bulldogs are like this.

dog sunscreen

in order to protect dogs that are particularly sensitive to the sun, such as those with very short hair, we can choose sunscreen specially designed for our dog friends.

is suitable for nose, ears and low pigmentation areas.

avoids prolonged exposure to

, regardless of dog breed, age and health statusProlonged exposure to the sun. They must be able to benefit from the shade at any time of the day.

they can never be locked in the car under any excuse. The temperature in the passenger compartment is always several degrees higher than the ambient temperature. In summer, it can become a real furnace, even if the windows are sagging.


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water, and its main ally

water enables it to cool and replenish water at will. Therefore, it must be able to continuously supply a bowl of fresh water. Its contents are updated regularly during the day.

when the weather is very hot, you should not hesitate to wet the dog with soaked linen.

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