In his own way, he reminded his owners that you never leave a dog alone in the car

Katie Nielsen / Twitter

The owners of Duke the dog left him in their vehicle for a short time. A lapse of time that he took advantage of to remind them of a basic rule: animal alone in the car = danger. Lesson learned …

A dog alone in a car caused a thankfully minor incident in Aptos, Calif., As The Dodo reports.

The friendly animal in question responds to the name of Duke . Her adventure was the subject of a tweet from Katie Nielsen , a journalist working for a local television station: KPIX-TV . It was she who collected and delivered the details of this unusual episode .

On Friday August 30, the owners of Duke left him alone in their Mercedes parked in front of their house. Their absence was only to last a short time , but not everything went as planned. The leash of the dog, which had in the meantime jumped out of the driver’s seat , was, in fact, wrapped around the gear lever , accidentally selecting neutral . No longer engaged, the vehicle began to roll freely backwards , finishing its course against the low wall of neighbors opposite, Janie and Jim Black .

They could only see the damage : their crushed trash and several dislodged breeze blocks. But Duke had nothing . And this is the most important …

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As for his masters, they will certainly remember this booster shot , fortunately without much consequence (apart from slight material damage). You never leave your pet alone in your car under any circumstances , even for a short time and with the windows down . The temperature in the passenger compartment is always much higher than the ambient temperature. Within minutes, a dog can become dehydrated and risk serious trauma . Unfortunately, many animals die from suffocation and dehydration every year.

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