A young woman decides to take charge of her ex-companion’s dog when she learns of the situation he finds himself in, alerted by her son!

In Pas-de-Calais, a mother had learned that her ex-companion’s dog was totally neglected by him, to the point of becoming extremely thin and sick. She then took care of him and looked after him, but she still needs help to allow him to recover definitively from his ordeal.

Caroline lives in Marck (62) with her son and, now with Dipper , the dog of her former companion . She takes care as best she can of the 5-year-old Labrador-Retriever / Beauceron crossbreed to help him go up the slope after a long period of neglect on the part of his owner, as reported by NordLittoral .

The animal was in a state of extreme thinness . He was invaded by fleas and hardly ever left the garage . In addition, Caroline realized that her owner did not have a single gram of dog food in his home. She then called him to tell him that she was going to take Dipper to her place.

After giving him food and drink , she washed him , then treated him against fleas , because “ he had a lot of them, ” she told NordLittoral . She received help from neighbors , including a student nurse, to provide care.

Caroline has inquired with the League for the protection of animals of Calais and Saint-Omer about the procedure. She also informed the Merck City Police to prevent any possible accusations of the theft of the animal against her.

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Hence the appeal for donations launched, initially to pay for visits to the veterinarian . Those wishing to help him can send an SMS to Dominique Leveugle at


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