Different disciplines and competitions of canines

Illustration : "Les différentes disciplines et compétitions du canicross "

is a sport that can be practiced in leisure or competition. To register, you must first approach your department’s dog club. There are many such people all over France. Then you will have a choice of embarrassment, including canines in different disciplines (or decline). Let’s introduce it in detail.

executive summary

classic dog Crusade children’s dog and dog baby dog walking dog dog dog trot of other disciplines? In short, after good training, you and your dog (never less than a year) can sign up for the competition. Almost every weekend in France. This means driving a distance in the shortest time, usually between 5 and 9 kilometers. Your dog, with a leash, is always in front of you. You will be tied together by a line tied to your belt or shoulder belt.

in addition, in order to practice this subject in your spare time, you can freely cross the forest, near your home, in the park or path of your choice. There are no restrictions, just to have as much fun as possible and protect you and your dog.

puppy and baby

have the same principles as adult dogs, but it is designed for the smallest dog. Contestants can involve the whole family. Then everyone can practice canines according to their speed and age. Of course, this route is much shorter because it will never exceed 2km.

for dogs, children are divided according to their age (usually 7 to 14 years old). If the weight ratio between the dog and the child is not appropriate, they can be accompanied by an adult. The puppy is designed for children under the age of 7. For safety reasons, an adult systematically accompanies the puppies. For distances, a maximum of several hundred meters is calculated. The road is usually quite flat without bumps. Dog line

competition point. The goal is to share a relaxing moment with his dog. The dog club regularly provides 5-10 km outings.

although the speed is far less important than canicros, the materials of canciros are mandatory for canimarch.

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canines, which can not only strengthen the relationship between you and your animals, but also improve their education. For example, you can start with this discipline before upgrading to canicross. Canines can teach your dog direction without being nervous.


is not acceptable to everyone. Like your dog, you must have the physical ability to bear distance. It sails between 10 and 25 kilometers, sometimes more than a half marathon. Of course, this is not a problem of running all the time. The principle of canines is the same as that of canines, but at longer distances and greater slopes.

competition is closed to any dog under 24 months (2 years old).

preventive measures are carried out on the track of canines, even more than on canines. Your dog must have endurance. Medical follow-up is mandatory and adequate training.


canicros variant, canivtt rides a bicycle. Finally, you ride a bike and your dog maintains its usual position, that is, in front. The pen line attached to ATV is slightly longer, mainly elAstick. In other respects, nothing has changed, including the distance, which is still less than 10 kilometers. Please note that online games are not allowed for security reasons. All contestants sprint one by one in the timing mode.

before starting the canine, it is recommended that you start with the canine to perfectly coordinate the relationship between the owner and the dog. Your dog should also know its direction. Practice in this discipline can begin in a year and a half.

La cani trottinette

it practices in a suitable car. Some pairs have a speed of more than 50 km / h. they must wear helmets and gloves to practice this exciting exercise. Dogs must be at least one and a half years old.


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in France?

skiing joring and cross-country skiing with dogs are subjects that need good skiing practice to cooperate with dog competition. Its equipment is similar to that of canines, except that it is longer, it will be larger.

in short,

canines are not a unique sport. It is divided into several disciplines. It is open to children, young children and large athletes. Finally, if you’re more comfortable riding a bike, canivtt is for you. Every time you can practice this sport in leisure and competition. The distance is always less than 10 kilometers, except the path

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