19 photos of dogs who aren’t really aware of being one

Dogs don’t really ask existential questions. These photos prove that sometimes they don’t even know they are dogs.

Our canine companions sometimes adopt funny attitudes. To see them, one would even wonder if they are aware of what they are and if they do not take themselves rather for a human or another animal. Either way, they always have a knack for making us laugh.

Here are 19 photos of dogs who don’t know who they are.

1. This Pitbull poses as if he were just a child in his mother’s arms

2. This puppy thinks he is a machine that propels himself from the ground to the carpet, since he has this habit of getting on his back and wanting to throw himself from one point to another.

3. After playing all day at daycare, she slumped onto the couch the minute she got home.

4. Noticing that the color of his coat looked a bit like the feathers of pigeons, he thought he was one of them.

5. This dog has lost his teeth and no longer bother to stick his tongue in.

6. Kneeling has become one of his skills as a dog

7. This Husky bitch has decided that these kittens are her cubs and she won’t budge.

8. When you’re passionate about video games and you’re a dog, but you don’t take it for an obstacle

9. He is not awake until he has had his coffee.

10. It behaves with the bath water as if the ground was covered with lava.

11. This dog sits on his plush when it annoys him

12. There is no explanation as to the posture this Bulldog adopts for sitting up and biting its paw like this.

13. She found it comfortable and spent almost an hour sitting inside

14. There are reasons to believe that his sitting position is a little weird.

15. When sleep falls on him with all his weight

16. Dogs are not supposed to sit like this

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17. There are dogs who think they are cats. You can see it from the way they sit and curl up their paws

18. For this dog, expressing his joy is done by widening his eyes.

19. The medal of the dog who does not know he is one goes to this Pug who thinks he is an ostrich


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