Happy birthday to Oria, our faithful dog and mascot of Woopets

Oria / Woopets

This Sunday, November 24, little Oria, our female Australian Shepherd who accompanies the Woopets team on a daily basis, blew out (or almost) her first candle. To pay tribute to this little furball in this important stage of his life, we decided to tell you what Oria brings to the members of the Woopets offices.

December 2018: Oria arrives at the premises of Woopets:

Adopted by Anthony, the founder of Woopets, Oria quickly invaded the hearts of the rest of the team . His innocence, his playful side from an early age and his irresistible gaze are not for nothing. Just watch the video above to be convinced.

Oria’s life at Woopets

To be fair, his arrival had been expected for a few months and patience was starting to be a quality that was foreign to us. Of course, we prepared for his arrival on our premises and decided to welcome him with the consultation of all our employees : an essential ingredient to ensure harmony.

From the first days Oria found its bearings and so did we. It would be lying to you if we told you that our concentration was optimal during the first week. It’s hard to resist this little boil that asks only to play :

During the first weeks, it was important to teach him the rules of life in our offices while ensuring his living space and his peace. It was necessary to reduce the barking against customers, letter carriers, and other actors in the world of work. The other challenge was to establish a harmonious rhythm of life for the dog and the employees.

Over the months, our little routine settled down. It starts in the morning with the arrival of employees: always touched by the festive welcome reserved for them to start the day on the right foot. The rest of the time, Oria follows the pace of the business. Naps during our moments of concentration, games and walks during breaks. A clever mix to ensure the well-being of everyone at work.

Oria’s presence at Woopets: mutual benefits

The arrival of Oria was first and foremost the desire of a whole team of animal enthusiasts, but it also breathed new life into the company .

Imagine your next working day: from tomorrow a dog will be waiting for you and will welcome you every day in the premises. Better still, you have the option of bringing your own animal .

Your faithful companion would always be there to help you get through a long day at work and cope with times of stress . It is the assurance of increasing your motivation , improving the overall atmosphere at work. For her part, Oria developed her sociability very early on and seems very happy to have everyone’s attention.

Only 1 in 10 employees in France can bring their dog to work

According to a study launched by Purina, on the initiative of the Pets at Work project of which Woopets is a member, dogs have a real impact on the morale and performance of the company. They surveyed dog owners and among them nearly 38% believe that the presence of dogs in offices promotes a relaxed environment and helps reduce stress.

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Unfortunately today, only 1 in 10 employees can come to the office with their dog, while 1 in 2 employees who own a dog would come with them to the office if they had the possibility. Proof of this is that there is a real gap with reality.

If you want to put this in place at your workplace, it is possible to put it into practice in consultation with your employer. Regarding the procedures, the Pets at Work program can assist you in developing the experience at your workplace. A safe and professional way for your employer to accede to your request.

In any case, we can only advise you, Oria is the dose of happiness for the whole team. At Woopets, we advocate a world where the place of the pet is by our side , even at work. We therefore invite all companies to follow suit in adopting this new way of living at work. You will not regret it !

For our part, we take the opportunity to once again wish a happy birthday to our little Oria. We thank her for all the moments of happiness that she offers us every day and the inspiration that she offers to the entire editorial staff.


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