20 big dogs who decided to stay puppies

Large dogs will always be puppies at heart. As these photos prove to us.

Surely all owners of large dogs have noticed that they refuse to grow up. Or at least they refuse to face the evidence that they have a large build. They continue to behave as if they were still just puppies.

Here are 20 photos of big dogs who think they are puppies.

1. This dog is very sad that we tell him that he is now one of the adult dogs

2. A Great Dane perfectly comfortable in his fully seated posture

3. He is his daddy’s son and nothing can change that

4. This young woman wonders if she is supposed to see through her dog who has come between her and the TV

5. His friend is growing up, but he is doing it at high speed

6. This dog does not see the obstacle it constitutes to see what is happening on TV

7. This young woman has been taking care of him since he was little and he doesn’t plan to leave her bedside anytime soon.

8. The owner of this Rottweiler is currently under his imposing mass

9. A very cuddly dog that you can’t refuse anything

10. Where his mistress goes, he will be nearby

11. You don’t change a winning team

12. All activities are meant to be shared

13. We ask him where his owner is and he is surprised that he is not seen

14. An owner extremely well looked after by this duo

15. The subjects of this selfie have eyes sparkling with happiness.

16. 2 friends who seem to have found each other well

17. The game is to find the owner of this dog

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18. A puppy who has not yet finished growing and who knows it very well

19. These 2 have been keeping each other company for many years, but the dog continues to believe that he is still just a puppy.

20. A TV night like you can see every night in this foyer


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