During confinement, this puppy got into the habit of walking his dog friend (video)

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It’s one of those hilarious scenes our dogs have the secret to, and reminds us why we love them so much. That of a puppy who took it into his head to grab the leash to which an older dog was attached, and take him for a walk. This did not fail to amuse the few witnesses, including the family who had the good idea to film her.

It is well known, dogs cannot do without their daily outings , for more than one reason: to exert themselves , to explore the surroundings, to meet people , to defecate … The importance of these walks explains why ‘elsewhere why they are part of the exemptions during this period of confinement around the world, even if some may think that they are not always sufficient.

Dogs, therefore, love to walk, but it seems that some like to walk others as well . They even know how to do it by keeping their companions on a leash. This is the case with the puppy in question here.

This little Boxer responds to the name of Max . He lives in Ridgefield , Washington State (Northwestern United States). The scene dates from September 9, 2018, but the video was only published recently, April 20, 2020 in this case, on the YouTube platform. The sequence is already accumulating views.

It was filmed by a woman living in the block where Max lives, while she was in front of her house. She says that seeing Ollie , another neighbor’s dog, walking alone dragging his leash , the puppy made the decision to grab it .

Max then began to pull the leash, before walking away , taking his fellow creature away. The latter, moreover, allowed himself to be done; the idea of giving himself another little getaway was probably not to displease him.

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