19 dogs who are pool professionals

Several dogs have proven to be very good at billiards. As can be seen in these photos.

Our friends the dogs have a multitude of talents, billiards has never been one of them, a priori. However, with the changing times, dogs adapt and become interested in other games. Including billiards precisely, much to the surprise of their owners.

Here are 19 photos of dogs playing pool.

1. Billiards is a dog business

2. This Griffon Bruxellois has his own playing technique

3. This English Springer is not happy with his opponent’s game

4. It follows the movement of the billiard ball

5. A mini Goldendoodle in full concentration

6. The French Bulldog who doesn’t hesitate to put his foot in the dish

7. While the latter scrutinizes the direction of his stick

8. A Sheepadoodle who goes there with flair

9. A Boston Terrier who masters the game and the whole room

10. A fun activity to do at home with your dog, as long as you have a pool table at home

11. The king of billiards seems to have doubts

12. Dalmatians turn out to be finer in billiards than you might think

13. The last balls are the most difficult

14. A Lurcher who leads the life of a king

15. This Border Collie crusader tries to teach his owner the rules of the game

16. Ready for a game of pool

17. The canine billiards tournament is officially launched

18. Good players face each other

19. Another equally effective duo at billiards walks on the game table.


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