In the United States, a female dog gives birth to a green puppy

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One of the 8 puppies given birth ten days ago by a bitch in North Carolina received the name of Hulk. Why such a choice ? Because it is all green!

Shana Stamey and her family were anxiously waiting for their dog Gipsy to finally give birth. And the big day has finally arrived. On Friday January 10, the female White Shepherd gave birth to her very first litter , made up of 8 puppies , after 3 hours of effort. Some had the same coat color as her, while others sported the classic German Shepherd’s colors, black and tan . But a little of the 4th, had a hair in different colors other and quite surprising: it was green, as reported by the Huffington Post.

In the WKMG News 6 video report below, Shana Stamey says she was scared at first, before finally being relieved when she saw that the puppy in question was healthy , as were the rest of the litter. Besides. He was named the Hulk in reference to the overpowered green superhero.

The color characterizing the young canine is nothing to worry about . It is a bile pigment called biliverdin that is at the origin of this phenomenon. Under certain conditions, it can be found in the placenta during the bitch’s pregnancy and thus cover one or more unborn puppies.

The green gradually fades as the mother grooms her baby and over the baths , until it disappears completely to give way to the original color of the hair. For the Hulk , in this case, it’s white.

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This is not the first case; we had already told you about Olive, born in March 2018 in the Jura . The year before, Forest was born in Scotland and Fifi in England. Another Hulk was born in Valladolid , Spain.

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