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Illustration : "Entretenir les griffes de son chien"

our dog’s claws are important in many ways. Taking care of them is an obligation, especially because it is not a particularly complex task. You just need to know what to do. If we are not sure whether it is correct, we can still turn to the veterinarian.


why is it important to cut dog nails? How do I cut it? What tool to choose and how to use it?

dogs need healthy claws because claws play a vital role in movement, movement, balance and posture. When they are damaged or too long, they affect all these aspects. In addition, cracks, cracks and other injuries on nails can also cause pain and infection. Therefore, it is necessary to protect our four legged friends’ claws.

why is it important to cut dog nails?

most dogs need us to cut off their claws, but the frequency varies according to their lifestyle. Animals living in apartments, accustomed to evolving on carpet floors, will find that their claws wear much slower than those accustomed to living outdoors and moving on hard covers. Because long claws will eventually seriously hinder the dog’s movement, balance and posture. In addition, they may rupture or rupture, leading to pain and infection. Like human manikin nails, dogs are also affected by manikin claws.


just like claws are too long, excessively damaged claws will hinder the movement of animals. In both cases, maintaining these penises is essential. How does

cut them?

is like all the operations that dogs have to experience in their life. It is very important for dogs to get used to nail care since childhood. Of course, you can’t cut the dog’s nails, but I suggest you hold it, raise your claws and check its claws as soon as possible. In this way, it is easier to touch and treat in adulthood.

for a habitual dog…

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if a dog is familiar with these movements, just hold its claws and start trimming its claws. For an untrained dog…

if he is not used to it, you can ask a close person for help, preferably someone who lives under the same roof, and the dog often gets together. This will enable individuals to maintain animals while performing maintenance. In this case, it is recommended to wear a mask: clumsy gestures can lead to severe pain, resulting in the dog’s natural impulse bite response. What tool does

choose and how to use it? The selection of

claw cutting tool is very important. Our own nail clippers and scissors are not suitable for this purpose. With these props, the risk of dog injury is quite high. Pet shops and some pharmacies sell claw cutting machines specially designed to maintain dog nails.

before use, the claws must be cleaned to remove any dirt. Then cutting can be started. Be careful not to cut the “bright” part: on light nails, this area is easy to distinguish because it looks brighterdark. This is a particularly sensitive blood vessel. Cutting it off can cause bleeding and may cause infection. On dark dogs, you can use a flashlight to locate the bright and darker.

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so that you can avoid this area and just cut off the excess nails. If bleeding occurs, apply a dry dressing to the end of the nail for 5 minutes. If you’re not sure if you can handle your dog’s nail care correctly, you’d better take her to the veterinarian, who will handle it personally, or recommend a good professional beautician. “

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