After meeting his little sister, Max is the happiest dog in the world (video)

The reaction Max the Golden Retriever had on getting to know his owners’ baby is just wonderful. And she reminds us how precious dogs are and why they are great members of our families.

Preparing your dog for the arrival of a newborn baby is extremely important. It allows both to reassure the animal and to lay the foundations for a harmonious cohabitation between the 2 beings. And it is also very often the beginning of a long and beautiful story of friendship , or even of fraternity .

The video in question here shows a moving and joyful scene, that of a dog getting to know the family’s baby , barely 2 days old. It took place in 2015 and Olivia the girl has grown up since then, having celebrated her 5th spring. As for the Golden Retriever , he was 3 years old at the time.

It was therefore the big day for the parents and their dog, since the newborn finally arrived home. The mother was already inside to watch the quadruped, who knew that something was happening, since already very excited . The father entered in turn, holding the maxi cosi in which Olivia was asleep.

Max then began to observe and sniff her from a good distance, making a series of approaches and back movements. Then, after that brief moment of hesitation and when the baby’s daddy put the cradle on the floor, the dog cautiously approached the child to examine it more closely , wagging its tail vigorously in joy. .

The animal was even so happy to meet his little sister that he gave the parents kisses , as if he wanted to thank them for giving him such a wonderful gift. We let you discover these superb images …

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