Harm of dog spikelet

Illustration : "Les dangers des épillets chez le chien"

spring is coming. Summer is not far away. Your dog or cat will be injured in summer. Humans are allergic to grass, dog spikelets, and every species faces health risks on sunny days. Just like the cool wind on the “small house on the grass”, it is difficult to stop the dog from playing on the grass. Go on a picnic with the whole family and have a good sleep on the grass. In some areas, spikelets need one or two veterinary consultations a day in summer. Therefore, we must be vigilant, because the side effects can not be ignored.


spikelet tip will soon be injured. Where will the spikelet fall? Identify early warning signals and quickly intervene to avoid complications. Spikelet tips quickly damage

spikelets, also known as “crazy oats”, sometimes referred to as “spigaou”, which is an extension of tall grass on the edge of fields or gardens; The end of a stem tip on some grasses in the shape of a wheat spike, the top of which is similar to the arrow of a plant When the spikelet is dry and mature, it is easy to fall off the stem and catch the animal’s hair. Some parts of the spikelet, such as stinging hair, will prevent any retreat or fall of foreign matter. Progress in only one direction is possible, which makes it a harmful element deep into the dog’s skin tissue. Where are the spikelets of

? The

spikelet always penetrates quickly because it is hidden in the hair. Some breeds of dogs with long or curly hair are more likely to be found than others, those with forked hair, drooping ears, or medium-sized dogs whose nose, eyes and nose are more likely to be flush with the grass stem…

Spikelets usually use a hole to settle: under the eyelids, in the ears, in the nostrils, between the fingers of the claws. These areas are the most affected because they are easy to pass through. Sometimes, under the skin, spikelets trapped by hair will grow on the skin and stay for a few days, resulting in wound shedding. It also appears in some vulnerable mucous membranes, such as vulva, male sheath or anal mucosa.

recognizes the first warning signal of

every time it comes back from walking, It’s always good to check if there are spikes in the dog’s body between the hair so that you can pull them out quickly. In some cases, spikelets may drive your dog “Crazy” because it tries to get rid of it by causing discomfort or pain. Here are some noteworthy tips:

receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. More about nostrils: sneezing is sudden and very common. At first, nasal secretions are very clean, which may infect yourself or cause bleeding. Ears: the dog suddenly shakes his head or tilts to one side, scratching his ears and causing severe pain. If the spikelets are not taken out quickly, it may damage the tympanic membrane or cause otitis media and cover up the existence of foreign bodies. In the eyes: spikelets are usually located in the blind alley of the eyelid (from below or above). Their existence will cause eye irritation, keep the eyes closed, purulent eye secretion, and sometimes accompanied by corneal injury. As eye injuries may develop rapidly, these are suggestive signs that require intervention in the next few hours. EntReadjust the fingers of the mat: This is a narrow space where the spikelets rest and use the wet compartment to “nest”. It digs a passage under the almost invisible skin. After a few days, it will appear as a small wound where the dog licks and swells violently. Sometimes, when the spikelet passes through the tissue and goes deep into the finger bone or cushion, it will limp. Subcutaneous: in this case, spikelets are more difficult to detect, especially if the dog has long hair. Only a small exudative wound with a skin opening is the signal of the entry point. Sometimes its migration will cause the abscess to move away from the entry point under the skin. Rapid intervention can avoid

complications. When the region and season are appropriate, preventive measures are essential. Combing in advance may help to comprehensively check your dog’s body, especially if the dog’s hair is exposed to this risk and likes to run in the field.

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” “If you have an unexplained wound or find any previously identified signs, consult your veterinarian immediately. While waiting for surgery (usually under sedation), the only action recommended for your dog is to rinse the eyes with normal saline and disinfect the skin of the wound with appropriate products. Of course, do not take spikelets by yourself with tweezers. Because gestures are too technical and usually inaccessible, veterinary intervention will be your only choice to protect your dog and avoid any complications.

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