Saved 17 years ago from wandering, a dog bids heartbreaking farewell to the one who has always been there for him

Old age and illness caused too much suffering for Solovino, a dog Jesusita had taken in many years before. The two of them said goodbye in the most touching way.

Solovino and Jesusita have never left each other since, until 2016, when the animal’s state of health left no hope. 17 years after coming into the life of Jesusita , the dog was far too old and sick . He wasn’t even able to stand on his feet anymore, let alone move around.

His adopted mother felt a great deal of sorrow at seeing him suffer in this way . She wanted to end her ordeal in the most humane way possible, but she could not afford the euthanasia . So she turned to Kerry Armstrong , founder of Home Dog LA . The association was used to this kind of request.

A date has been arranged. Home Dog LA member Sandra Shadic went to Jesusita’s house and carried Solovino , leading him through that same door he had passed through 17 years earlier. Sandra and Jesusita spoiled him that day including giving him a burger and then the 3 of them went to the vet clinic where the dog was going to be asleep forever.

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Solovino and Jesusita said goodbye to each other for a long time before the great trip to dog paradise …


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