17 people present their favorite feathered or furry roommate

The good humor of these animals is contagious. Their owners take advantage of it every day and are happy to share their photos.

They are dogs, but also cats, rodents and birds. Whether they are furry or feathered, these adorable animals fill their humans with happiness.

They are also delighted and proud to present them. A way for them to share a little of the joy of living that their 4-legged or winged friends bring them on a daily basis.

Here are 17 pretty animal portraits that their owners are happy to present to the world …

1. This is Mr. Gibbs. Despite appearances, he is extremely happy

2. The favorite activity of this female Beagle is to sleep

3. He’s not angry. He’s just half asleep

4. This is Milky Way

5. Borat and Ramses are inseparable friends

6. A look full of love that this cat adopted in a shelter sends to his dad

7. She’s Miss Winnifred

8. Benji the furry Rex rabbit loves to look out the window

9. Between this parrot and this bearded dragon of Australia, the agreement is perfect

10. Here is the laziest of the Pugs

11. Foley has been with his owner for over 20 years

12. This guinea pig was too sleepy to strike a pose

14. One is 40 years old, the other in his thirties

15. He too would like to be left to sleep peacefully

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16. Its congener is always hungry!

17. How can you resist such beautiful eyes?


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