19 photos of puppies happy to start their first day of labor

Dogs are not just our faithful companions. They are also very brave law enforcement officers and therapists, as these photos show.

Service dogs begin their training at a very young age. Whether they are preparing to enlist in the police , to become military or therapy dogs, they each deserve a medal for their bravery.

Here are 19 photos of dogs doing good for humanity.

1. The new recruit of this police station is successful

2. The first day of this German Shepherd puppy as a law enforcement officer

3. This Labrador Retriever puppy will become a therapy dog

4. He meets his new teammates

5. The army welcomes the world’s most devoted puppy

6. During training, it is also necessary to give them tenderness so that they are reassured

7. This look is the guarantee of a benevolent soul

8. All the dogs have responded and are ready for their lessons.

9. A therapy dog the whole family is proud of

10. A brave bitch in the arms of her educator

11. When this puppy grows up, he will help sick people feel better.

12. This Puppy’s First Interview with Master Corporal

13. The tendency of puppies to fall asleep during their first days is totally forgiven by the whole team.

14. Such a tender puppy will make an excellent therapy dog.

15. The Sheriff is here

16. A brave little dog ready to invest in his mission

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17. The job interview certainly went well

18. Generations of German Shepherds in the service of the police

19. Dogs must develop a sense of empathy so that they can become good therapy dogs.


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