Dog scabies

Illustration : "La gale chez le chien"

scabies is one of the most worrying diseases that afflict our four legged friends, because it does not show serious scratching, which makes the dog very uncomfortable, and some forms of scabies may be very dangerous. This condition must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Once the first symptom is found, it can increase the chance of cure.


ear SCAB (or auricle scab) granulomatous scabies (or follicular scabies)

Scabies is a skin disease caused by external parasites. It will affect the health of dogs, but in some cases, it will also threaten the health and even life of dogs. Scab can be divided into three types: ear canal SCAB (or ear canal scab), naked eye scab and de SCAB (or follicular scab). The latter is the most worrying because it is difficult to diagnose and treat early. Let’s look at the causes, symptoms and treatment of each type of scabies in dogs.

ear scabies (or auricle scabies)

ear scabies, as the name suggests, are common in dogs’ ears. This dermatitis is caused by a parasite called otodex CAIDS. He dug channels in the mucous membrane of his ears and laid eggs there. The parasite can easily spread from one dog to another, so each contact will pollute a new host.

the most common manifestation of red ears is itching (scratches) on dogs’ ears. This animal also tends to shake its head, and typical black scabs can be seen locally.

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ear scabies can be transmitted to other dogs, but not to humans. Its treatment is to thoroughly clean the ears (by veterinarians), and then apply specific pest drugs through drops or ointments.

“Muscle scab”

is the same as ear and nose scabies. The pathogen causing muscle scab is a parasite, which will dig holes to lay eggs. On the other hand, the parasite discussed here, scabiei var.canis, in this case, grows on the thickness of the skin surface around all parts of the body, especially eyes, ears, elbows and fat Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

and dogs will actively scratch. The itching is sometimes so severe that the animal can’t sleep. Red plaques and hair loss appear in the affected area, and if not treated, the lesion may expand to a larger area.

this usually includes several gammechane baths within 7 days. Because botulinum scabies is contagious in dogs, it must be isolated from similar animals. This disease is rarely transmitted to humans.

Nord scabies (or follicular scabies)

Nord scabies is the most worrying of the three forms of scabies. Canine Demodex is a parasitic parasite in the depths of dog skin, which contributes to the growth of Staphylococcus. This microorganism proved to be very destructive.

follicular scabies are more difficult to treat because its early diagnosis is difficult to determine. Dogs catch very little, if any. LyleDevelopment is quite slow. These are hair loss areas around the eyes, nose and legs, with a unique smell. Redness, blisters and pustules may also be associated with this.

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on Amazon. To treat it, the dog needs to be trimmed, and then bathed in a powerful anti parasitic drug, supplemented by anti seborrheic shampoo. This scab can never guarantee the result. Unfortunately, sometimes the lesions are so large that they eventually lead to animal death or forced euthanasia

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