16 beautiful dogs posing in front of the camera

Dogs are very photogenic and render very well in the image. These photos show some of them posing in front of the photographer.

Many photographers love to model pets. Dogs in particular make very photogenic subjects. Their portraits are almost always successful.

Here are 16 photos of dogs posing in front of the photographer.

1. A portrait in the shadows for this mysterious dog

2. Decorate this beautiful dog with a pink bow tie to welcome the summer season

3. A majestic Doberman Pinscher posing in an equally grandiose setting

4. A photo of the dog and the unborn baby

5. A little dance step that deserved a photo

6. With his touching face, this dog is photographed by his family about every day.

7. The photographer was able to choose the setting that brings out the dazzling color of his eyes

8. A puppy who seems bubbly with energy and ready to become the bravest of dogs.

9. Going to the beach makes him very happy

10. An Australian Cattle Dog ready to become the most loyal of service dogs

11. These Labrador Retriever puppies are real furballs

12. A German Shepherd puppy admiring his parent

13. This smiling Pitbull is entitled to one photo per day to make a full photo album

14. He never tires of days at the beach

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15. The setting sun brings out the beautiful color of its coat

16. Wrapping up in dead leaves is his favorite activity when fall comes.


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