After spending a year alone in a basement, this dog discovers life in an extreme way

Until her rescue, Penni had known only the darkness of the cellar and the mistreatment of her former owners. Traumatized, the bitch took a long time to trust humans again, and her adopted dad never gave up.

The first part of Penni’s life was all pain and misery. Poor dog Pitbull had lived, until the age of one and a half , in the basement of a house where drug traffickers lived, as reported by The Dodo . Even after her rescue , the volunteers expected to have all the trouble in the world to have her adopted , because she was badly affected by her ordeal.

Blaine DeLuca had been looking to adopt a dog for a long time. When he went to the shelter where Penni lived and asked to meet her, the staff notified him; the animal was going to need a tremendous amount of time to trust anyone. Everything terrified her : people, objects… The volunteers presented the bitch to the young man and, while everyone expected her to be afraid , she walked up to him, licked him , then lay down in front of him curling up into a ball. It didn’t take more to convince Blaine DeLuca to formalize his adoption .

At home, the links did indeed take a long time to form. For 6 months , Penni systematically avoided the gaze of her new master. She spent most of her time sitting in her corner, head bowed.

Blaine DeLuca couldn’t even walk her around, as she still feared the outside . In New Jersey where the duo lived at the time, the winter climate was not really conducive to serene outings. It was in 2015, when they moved to Las Vegas , that the situation changed.

In Nevada, the weather was completely different, much better. In addition, the man and his dog no longer lived in a totally urban environment. The natural sites all around offered them real moments of escape . Blaine DeLuca started taking him on a hike .

Gradually, she also accompanied him when he took up rock climbing . Penni took a liking to these sometimes extreme activities. She also had the opportunity to meet her daddy’s new backpacking friends, which was a huge help in her socialization .

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Her attitude had almost nothing to do with the one she displayed at the time of her rescue. Now, when someone was at the door, Penni no longer hid in the bathroom; she was going to greet him, wagging her tail . She has become a bitch full of life and confidence .

Blaine DeLuca devotes an Instagram account to him where nearly 46,000 subscribers follow his adventures.


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