To make sure her dogs fully understand her, she tells stories using their favorite words! (Video)

In love with her dogs, a woman thinks of increasing their happiness by telling them stories made of their favorite words.

Dogs communicate in different ways. There is body language , but also vocal and sound. It has been proven that dogs can understand up to over 200 words.

Kaitlyn Doughtry is the owner of 2 dogs, Huxley and Mila . The 2 Pitbulls are treated with a lot of love by their mistress. Indeed, the latter considers that they are brave dogs. She only thinks of making them happy .

For this reason, Doughtry who tells stories to his dogs, decided to use a particular language.

In order to make the stories more fun for her dogs, the young woman carefully chooses Huxley and Mila’s favorite words .

By this means, Doughtry gains the undivided attention of his animals. She also manages to tell them stories that they are able to understand. But it’s mostly about seeing their very funny reaction.


Whoever says dogs don’t understand us are wrong ??? ## pitbullsoftiktok

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? Story time with your dogs favorite words – kaitlyn_daughtry

Like children, dogs love their grandma. She is the one who pampers the most. In fact, Huxley and Mila’s grandma never forgets to bring them bags with their names on them and filled with goodies , every time she comes to visit them.

Doughtry also recalls that the tone of voice carries the love she has for her dogs. They know how to perceive when they are in the presence of a loving person.


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