20 portraits of dogs and cats made by an artist

A Canadian artist made hyperrealistic pencil drawings of our friends the dogs and cats. Here is a selection.

Helen Violet is a Canadian sculptor, residing in Toronto . From an early age, she launched into hyperrealistic sculpture as well as pencil drawings. She explored this artistic current in different forms and through different tools. His latest works are such detailed drawings of dogs and cats that they could be mistaken for photographs. The work was, in fact, done entirely in pencil.

Here are 20 drawings by Helen Violet .

1. A happy dog after her grooming session

2. A Chihuahua who got a nice portrait

3. An elderly dog who does not like to play a model very much

4. A Dwarf Spitz that we would like to cuddle

5. Very realistic, this portrait of an adult Pitbull

6. A moving family portrait illustrating an affectionate moment between a Caucasian Shepherd mother and her cub

7. A sturdy old Bernese mountain dog

8. This Rottweiler’s gaze seems drawn to something in the distance

9. The felines also entitled to hyperrealistic drawings by the talented Helen Violet

10. This Pug’s sparkling eyes look larger than life

11. This cat’s vibrissae are almost palpable

12. What could this Dalmatian be looking at?

13. An adorable Schnauzer with glowing eyes

14. A Golden Retriever with a silky coat

15. This Scottish Terrier looks very intrigued

16. A serious face for this French Bulldog

17. The old age of this dog is very well represented

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18. A miniature portrait

19. A second of a Husky who keeps himself well behaved

20. An old American Staffordshire Terrier with a dignified and imposing look


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