Elisa Pilarski case: Christophe Ellul, his companion and owner of the dog Curtis, indicted

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Christophe Ellul is the subject of an indictment for manslaughter, in the case of Elisa Pilarski, his companion, whose lifeless body was discovered in November 2019 alongside his dog Curtis. Left free, he is forbidden to contact the victim’s family.”

Nearly 16 months after the death of Elisa Pilarski, a young woman of 29 years, 6 months pregnant, in an Axon forest, the prosecutor’s office of Soissons announced the indictment of Christophe Ellul. This is indicated by a statement published by the prosecutor of the Republic, Julien Morino-Ros, this Thursday, March 4, reports Le Nouvel Obs.”

Being the owner or guardian of Curtis, the couple’s dog who, according to the results of a veterinary expertise and DNA analysis, would be the sole author of the bites that caused the death, the companion of the victim is placed under judicial control, but at large, for having by clumsiness, recklessness, inattention, negligence or breach of an obligation of prudence or safety […] unintentionally caused the death of Elisa Pilarski.”

In addition, christophe Ellul is forbidden to contact the family of the deceased, who is a civil party.”

The statement specifies that appeals are currently pending before the investigating chamber of the Court of Appeal of Amiens, at the request of the relatives of the victim. Whether or not to apply to the Criminal Court for trial, as well as the follow-up to be given to this case, will depend on the outcome of the judicial investigation.”

” Reminder of the facts and the main developments of the

case”On November 16, 2019, Christophe Ellul, alerted by SMS by his companion Elisa Pilarski who was at the forest of Retz in the Aisne, had found his body alongside Curtis, one of the couple’s dogs. According to the autopsy performed on the young woman, her death was the result of a hemorrhage following several bites.”

Curtis, but also the hunting dogs of the Rally of the Passion, present in this area on the day of the tragedy, had undergone DNA samples. The results of the analyses, communicated on November 3, incriminated the only Curtis. The conclusions of the veterinary expertise requested by the court, published a few days earlier, went in the same direction: Individualizable bites are compatible with the jaw of Curtis alone, and not hunting dogs.”

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Christophe Ellul had not ceased to claim the innocence of his dog, especially during a press conference given with his lawyer, Me Alexandre Novion, in November 2020.”

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