On New Year’s Eve, he kills his neighbor’s dog by throwing him from the 4th floor

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A tragedy took place during the night of New Year’s Eve in the city of Marseille. Entered into a black anger, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, a man attacked several inhabitants of the building where he lives, including a woman whose dog he threw from a height of several meters.

Nala the dog did not survive his fall from 4th floor. The female French Bulldog was thrown by a neighbor of her mistress, who went into a rage on the night of December 31, as reported by La Provence .

The facts took place in a building of the Paul-Trumpet street in the 13th arrondissement of Marseille.

One of the tenants of the residence, aged 51, was seized with an outburst of violence aggravated, by his own admission, by the consumption of alcohol and cocaine . He has attacked several neighbors uttering death threats against them, and then embarked on the pursuit of a woman of 59 years who lives on the 4th floor. Brandishing a pitchfork , he chased her home and smashed the door to her apartment , before attacking his dog Nala . He grabbed her and threw her out the window, killing her instantly .

Not content with murdering the animal, assaulting the latter’s owner and breaking into her home, he allegedly stole her cell phone , jewelry and the sum of 200 euros .

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The individual was subsequently arrested by the police from the local security group (GSP). It was while in police custody that he said he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, claiming that he did not remember anything . He is to be tried today in immediate appearance .

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