A family discovers a dog in a lake about to drown. To prevent him from struggling, they put on a life jacket to bring him back to dry land! (Video)

Last month, a family living by a lake in Texas saw a dog struggling in the middle of the body of water. Without hesitation, the couple used their small boat to rescue the animal which was in danger of drowning. However, these people did much more than save his life …

As he was on the verge of drowning , Freddy the dog was rescued at the last minute and even found a foster family after his incredible mishap, as Click 2 Houston reports.

The incident that nearly cost him his life took place almost a month ago in the state of Texas. That day, Rebecca Champ and her husband Quenton , who live in Humble , near Lake Houston , were enjoying the magnificent panorama offered by the body of water when they saw something struggling there . Using binoculars, the couple were able to realize that it was a dog and that he was in danger of drowning at any moment.

Rebecca and Quenton immediately jumped aboard their boat to rescue the canine. The husband dived to join him and put on a life jacket , not only to help keep his head above the water, but also because he feared he would be bitten or scratched by panic . In fact, the dog had neither the intention nor the strength . He was too exhausted and kept shivering.

The family then took to Facebook and within days, Freddy was adopted by a man named John Hall . The latter took him to the vet the following Monday to make sure everything was okay.

Here is a report from KHOU 11 showing the rescue :

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