13 adorable photos of amazing friendships between dogs and other animals

Friendships between animals defy all borders. These photos illustrate just a few.

Cats and dogs can surprise us by befriending other animals. Who would have thought, by adopting a Sphynx cat, that he would one day invite his friend the duck to watch TV with him.

Here are 13 photos of dogs and cats who have amazing friendships.

1. This Dalmatian noticed an air of resemblance between him and the lamb and began to wash him.

2. This mother Dachshund adopted this piglet and suckled it along with her own cubs.

3. This Welsh Corgi Pembroke guides the ducks through the water like a mother duck would.

4. This Greyhound spends his time relaxing with his friend the owl

5. A great friendship was born between this dog and his friend the lamb after the latter’s mother refused to breastfeed him.

6. This goose noticed a puppy that was shivering with cold. She wrapped her wings around him to warm him until he fell asleep

7. This Beagle Dog Named Molly Adopted A Possum After Losing Her Cubs

8. After their mother was killed, these baby possums were adopted by a dog who takes good care of them and takes them for walks on his back.

10. An old bitch who cleans all of her owner’s baby rabbits because she feels responsible for them

11. This old Sphynx cat brooded an egg for a fortnight.

12. Here he meets the duckling for the first time, just after the egg hatches.

13. This Sphynx cat and his friend the duck grew up together and spend their time showing love for each other


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