The dog’s eyesight decreased

Illustration : "La perte de vision chez le chien" and

are irreparable in some dogs and can be treated and inhibited in others. The experience of vision loss varies from case to case. Age, disease and trauma are the main causes of vision loss in dogs.


cataract glaucoma retinal detachment progressive retinal atrophy other diseases leading to vision loss

are the same as all organisms, A dog’s vision loss is a bit like hearing loss. Many factors such as old age, disease or accident can help prevent. Early signs of decreased eye function are not always obvious. However, early action must be taken to reduce the impact of this regression by providing the necessary treatment.

in some cases, vision loss is inevitable and irreversible, while in others, it is entirely possible to solve this problem, At least some. There are various reasons, nursing methods and expected results.


cataract mainly occurs in elderly dogs aged about 7 or 8 years. It is characterized by gradual opacity of the lens, which can regulate myopia and hyperopia in dogs. When it is caused by lens aging, we call it senile cataract. When it develops rapidly, it forms a white veil on the lens and pupil. However, in the early stage of degradation, it is the blue reflection of the crystal. Gradually, dogs lose sight, especially in dim light. Outside his marked house, his gait is slow and it is becoming more and more difficult to avoid obstacles.


strongly recommend taking him to the veterinarian for careful examination and preliminary diagnosis, Before referring to another expert, if necessary.

is inevitable in many old dogs. If you start treating cataracts early, you can receive treatment. In most cases, the purpose of treatment is to slow down the degradation of lens by giving animals specific drugs and dietary supplements.

surgery can also be considered, but it is excluded when the dog is too old. Due to the risks associated with anesthesia,

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is another eye disease that leads to the decline of vision in dogs. Glaucoma corresponds to the increase of intraocular pressure. Causes degeneration of the optic nerve and retina. It may be caused by anterior uveitis (intraocular inflammation), lens dislocation or iris corneal angle malformation.

glaucoma may be painful for dogs. It may also show increased eye volume or severe redness.

retinal detachment

retinal detachment may be hereditary and occur in susceptible species, such as Collie. It may also be the result of other diseases, such as scleral injury, increased blood viscosity or hypertension.

retinal detachment actually corresponds to retinal detachment on two retinal slices. Affected eyesThen more effective. If stripped for a long time, the disease is irreversible.

progressive retinal atrophy

progressive retinal atrophy or ARP is a hereditary retinal disease because it is characterized by photoreceptor degeneration. Rooster, Tibetan Terrier and poodle are one of the susceptible breeds of ARP.


initially lead to the decline of night vision in dogs aged 1 to 5 years, and then gradually develop into complete blindness. At present, there is no effective treatment for progressive retinal atrophy.


also read that taking care of a blind dog

and other diseases that lead to vision loss

and many other diseases may lead to vision loss in dogs. It could be an eye tumor. The latter may touch any part of the eye and may be malignant. The medical treatment of tumors depends on their nature and stage of progression.


also include endophthalmitis, which is one of the diseases leading to vision loss. This intraocular infection is usually caused by trauma or penetrating ulcer damage to the cornea. Antibiotic treatment can reduce the impact on the dog’s vision and health, but it can’t work when the infection is associated with extensive intraocular suppuration

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