A dog discovered locked in a car while his owner was spending the day at Disneyland!

Parker Braton / Twitter

Law enforcement, but also firefighters and security officers from Walt Disney World in Florida rescued a dog locked up for more than 5 hours in a car. His owner had left him there to suffer from the heat while he was visiting the amusement park.

A dog has narrowly escaped the worst this week, after being left for hours inside a parked car at Walt Disney World amusement park in sweltering heat. He was saved by the local sheriff’s deputies, People reported this Thursday, August 12.

Parker Braton / Twitter

Witness of the scene, Jerry Dana French was that day in one of the parking lots of the leisure complex located in Lake Buena Vista , near Orlando , Florida. At around 5 p.m. local time, she began to hear muffled barking. They came from a parked car.

Jerry Dana French looked inside, finding a small dog suffering terribly from the heat with an empty bowl. She also saw a parking ticket showing the time of marking: 11:48. The poor Bichon Maltais had therefore been locked in the vehicle for more than 5 hours …

Its owner was at the amusement park without worrying about the health of the animal. Jerry Dana French was in shock. She called for help and waited for them to arrive. She ended up collapsing in tears at the suffering of the quadruped.

The dog rescued, its owner will not be prosecuted

Officers Shane and Wilson from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office joined her. They managed to free the dog, then gave him a drink. According to one of them, the canine would not have survived if he had stayed an hour longer in the cabin. Parking lot security and Reedy Creek firefighters were also on scene to assist with the rescue.

All these facts, Jerry Dana French communicated them to journalist Parker Branton via Facebook messaging. The latter revealed them in a series of tweets.

A Hollywood Studios park guest says she heard a bark coming from a car just before 5 Monday afternoon.

“She looked right up into my eyes and said“ help ”. Looking around I saw an empty bowl and a parking receipt for 11:48 am !. ”,… pic.twitter.com/Q5G2vGQOzZ

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– Parker Branton (@ParkerBranton) August 10, 2021

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed them in a statement, where it also said that the handler has recovered his dog and that he will not be prosecuted.

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