3 months after his return from Afghanistan, he saves the life of a stray dog to whom he had promised!

After nearly 3 months of separation, a soldier and his dog were finally able to find themselves in a country far from the one where they had met. Their reunion, as a family, was very moving.

A mechanic in the US Marine Infantry for 11 years, Sergeant Jacob Fisher had been sent to Afghanistan, more specifically to the Bagram base. At the end of 2014, he made a surprising discovery in one of the cages arranged around the base and used to prevent wild animals from entering: a puppy .

The Marine immediately decided to take him in , knowing that his survival was going to be extremely difficult in the surroundings, where fighting and rocket fire regularly occurred.

Jacob Fisher named the young dog Jax and he became his best friend . The little quadruped helped him keep his spirits up during the toughest times, especially when he thought of his wife and son Kayden . For its part, the animal received all the affection of the soldier, as well as of his colleagues, and was safe . Alas, Sergeant Fisher and Jax had to part ways; the 7-month deployment had ended and the man was due to return to the United States. Nevertheless, the latter was firmly determined to ensure that he joined him there , reports the site Cesar’s Way .

In May 2015, almost 3 months after the departure of the Navy from Afghanistan, Jax was flown to the United States. The event took place the day before Kayden’s birthday and her father surprised her . The man, his son and his wife drove to the airport, the child not knowing what was to come.

For his part, Sergeant Fisher was afraid the dog would not recognize him after such a long separation . Finally, the animal arrived and the reunion could finally take place. At first hesitant, Jax gradually let his family caress , very moved .

This beautiful story is told by the man himself in this video posted to the PAWsitive YouTube channel:

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