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make cats and dogs coexist? Many examples and stories prove that this is entirely possible. Even if you can’t force two people to love each other, there is a solution to peaceful coexistence between them.


two people with different functions socialize, which is the key to their easier success when they grow up together In the popular unconscious, cats and dogs are not suitable to get along with. In fact, the nature of each animal makes them incompatible in many ways. However, there are exceptions. Dogs and cats live in the most normal families in the world, or touching stories of street cats and dogs getting along well. In fact, it exists so many that people can’t help asking whether we can really talk about exceptions.

anyway, it’s not always obvious to let his dog and cat live in peace under the same roof. There is no way to ensure 100% cohabitation, just because everyone has his own personality, which may not be “bonded” with others like humans. However, with these suggestions, we can increase the chances of successful cohabitation.

is a biological

with different functions. Even if they are our favorite pets (the most common), dogs and cats have different personalities and lifestyles. When a dog feels good in a group (in this case, its human family) and tends to interact socially, the cat is a more independent animal.

they have different personalities and different communication attitudes and postures. The dog raises its tail and wags it to show enthusiasm, while the cat raises its tail when it is uncomfortable. The latter raised his paws to threaten himself, while the dog thought it was an encouragement to the game. These are just a few examples to distinguish the two animals.

their functions are different, so their relationship is difficult to coordinate, which is a priori.

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. If dogs want to perform well (without aggression) to the people around them (whether peers, cats or others), they must be socialized from an early age. This also applies to cats. A well socialized dog is unlikely to attack a cat.

socializing a puppy means exposing it to other dogs and representatives of different species. This began from the moment he was born, because he was with his mother and brothers and sisters. Therefore, it should not be separated from ovipositors too early. Then, when he was a little older, he socialized in the outdoors, streets, parks, clubs and associations.


were designed to let him discover different sounds, smells and presence, so as to improve his coping ability and cohabitation ability.

It’s easier to

when they grow up together. Obviously, if dogs and cats grow up side by side, they get along easier. Accustomed to each other, they think they are members of the same family and can even become very close.

in this case, the owner has nothing to do.

introduces a dog and an adult cat

, When it comes to FA, things are much more complicatedI met an adult cat and dog. They didn’t grow up together. If a dog is an energetic, hyperactive type, there are some precautions before first contact with a cat. If he has never seen a dog before, ideally, the first contact of the dog is organized with a quieter dog, such as a dog from a neighbor or neighbor. If this is not possible, it is recommended to walk the dog for a long time before the meeting to relieve the excitement of the dog.

in any case, the owner must be present at the first meeting, but excessive intervention (except fighting, of course) must be avoided. Things must happen naturally.

in order to better prepare, we can first give them time to adapt to their own smell, for example, let them smell themselves under the door. At the same time, during the demonstration, you can also set up a soothing petscool essential oil diffuser to alleviate the climate and their enthusiasm. Care should also be taken to ensure that cats have a way to escape when they feel attacked. If he is in a corner and has no chance to escape, he may become very aggressive. “

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