Since his rescue, this dog has surrounded himself with friends who don’t hesitate to remind him that he is safe

Molly the dog can now count on a wonderful family to keep her company and support her, she who cannot stand loneliness since she was saved from wandering. A family unlike any other, since it is made up of several species.

Molly was still a little puppy when she was rescued . With her brother, she lived near a river in Greece and had very little chance of surviving in such conditions, as The Dodo recounts.

Fortunately, some locals noticed this and a volunteer picked them up and took care of them for a while, before handing them over to a local shelter run by the Dutch Gaia Dogs association .

At the age of 4 months, the young dog found an adoptive family, that of Marie Mattart in Belgium. Very quickly, both became inseparable.

Molly also became very close to the other members of the household. This includes 2 dogs of the Saint-Bernard breed, a male called Basiel , 3 years old and brought from France, as well as a 6 year old female named Julie , 6 cats including the oldest Mauwie (18 years old), Hans le goat , a pony and a donkey .

Although they belong to different species, they all get along wonderfully. For Molly , who suffers from a form of separation anxiety as a result of her harsh past, it is a real joy to grow among all these kind souls living in perfect harmony . Basel and Julie have taken on the role of surrogate parents for the dog, who also enjoys napping alongside Mauwie and playing with Hans .

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Her collection of stuffed animals, including a cow, a hen, a giraffe and a duck, also helps her to feel surrounded at all times.


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