Volunteers plan to save a malnourished and sick Chihuahua. During his convalescence, they discover that he is a Pitbull!

One puppy, who had just been rescued from the streets and dropped off at a Texan shelter, was so thin and in bad shape that the staff were completely wrong about his breed.

The man immediately took him to a veterinary clinic, where he received an emergency blood transfusion, according to Animal Channel . For the next 48 hours, uncertainty hung over his fate. No one knew if he was going to survive . However, after 5 days of intensive care , the brave Stuart was again able to stand on his feet . He fully intended to fight back up the hill . And that’s what he did!

The puppy was then given to a foster family , that of Susan . With her and her other dogs, he continued his convalescence in the best conditions. We realized that Stuart is not a Chihuahua, but a Pitbull . Her favorite game then was to grab onto Susan’s pants so she could drag them around the house. It was clear that the young canine was regaining strength .

In the end, it was Shane , Susan’s brother , who adopted Stuart . Between the man and the miraculous Pitbull, it was love at first sight from the first meeting. Since then, they have been inseparable . Stuart has grown up and is in great shape .


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