Lost at sea, this one year old puppy survived 5 weeks alone, his owner thought he had lost him!

A real miracle took place in the United States, where a female dog that fell in the Pacific had managed to survive.

In 2016, the German Shepherd / Siberian Husky cross with beautiful blue eyes was one year old. On February 10 of that year, she fell from her owner’s fishing boat off San Diego . Nick Haworth looked for her, but the bitch was nowhere to be found . He knew she was an excellent swimmer , but the boat was quite far from the coast at the time of the accident.

The only slim hope, it was the San Clemente Island, located 3 km from the spot where the animal had fallen into the water. The said island housed military installations of the American naval air force. Informed, the sailors participated in the search, but after a week without results , Luna was presumed dead . Devastated, her master had to mourn and even posted a tribute to the bitch on Facebook.

In mid-March, a dramatic turn of events! Luna was seen by sailors on San Clemente Island , where there were no other pets. She was sitting on the side of the road wagging her tail . The soldiers only had to open the door of their vehicle and whistle for her to join them and get on.

Apparently, the bitch had managed to swim to the island, then survived for 5 weeks , mostly feeding on small rodents. She had lost weight , but was in good health .

Emu , its owner, who was on the move, was able to pick it up 3 days later. He had asked a friend to pick her up the day after her miraculous rescue .

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