Discover the story of this lover of disabled dogs who dedicates her life to help them

Using a wheelchair herself because of a disease she suffered from at a young age, a Londoner helps dogs with disabilities, in particular by raising funds to cover their care. An approach that she leads with enthusiasm and unwavering determination, despite criticism and difficulties.

Entitled “ Help disabled animals ”, the Facebook group created by Mary Garland has helped 8 disabled dogs in different ways; purchase of trolleys to enable them to move around, payment of veterinary costs, hydrotherapy sessions… As reported by My London on Monday July 19, around 3000 pounds sterling (nearly 3500 euros) have been raised to date thanks to this initiative.

Mary Garland knows what it’s like to be deprived of her mobility, she who has suffered from arthritis since the age of 9. She has also had to face the stares of others and the clichés, but that’s what makes her strength and solidified her resolve over the years. She tells My London that, because of her disability, people doubted her ability to adopt and care for a dog. Today, she has 4, all with disabilities. They have never been happier in their lives, having gone through the worst traumas before their adoption.

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3 of them are equipped with carts for motor handicaps, while the 4 th is a deaf Chihuahua named Biddy . Pongo is a 4 year old Japanese Spitz rescued from a slaughterhouse in Korea. Aaron , meanwhile, is a Shepherd Crusader who had been thrown from the balcony by his former owner in Bosnia.

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Foxy , she had been the victim of a road accident in Romania. Her race is unknown, but that’s not the most important thing to Mary Garland . “ People always say Chihuahua, Corgi, Jack Russell… She’s just Foxy. She loves life and adores everyone. Everyone loves him too, they always stop ”, confides his mistress.

Criticism and doubts have never dissuaded her from continuing her work

Despite the terrible ordeals they have gone through, these dogs are bursting with energy and joie de vivre. Yet more than one vet had suggested the Londoner opt for euthanasia when she brought one of them to him for examination. She has learned to know their introduction to the subject by heart: “ As soon as they start talking about quality of life, before they ask for anything else, I leave their practice ”.

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Other people even believe that keeping these dogs alive is cruelty. Reproaches that she sweeps away with the back of her hand, assuring people who criticize her that these animals do not hurt and live almost like the others. They are happy and only suffer from a few inconveniences such as incontinence. This does not slow them down in their existence.

Mary Garland also recalls that her dogs have helped her enormously in the difficult times of her life: “Before, I suffered a lot from depression and now I have to go out every day and I like it. You meet people and it’s just great ”.


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