Ultima’s tips and advice for taking care of your dog or cat at home

Illustration : "Les astuces et conseils d’Ultima pour prendre soin de son chien ou de son chat à la maison"

Even if the confinement as we knew it since March 17 has ended, this exceptional situation has led to many changes in habits. So that our dogs and cats do not suffer, Ultima gives some valuable advice, as well as tutorials to make them toys yourself.”

The deconfinement began on May 11, but the health crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives. It has also affected that of our dog and cat friends. Some teachers continue to work from home, others prefer to isolate themselves for a while at home as a precaution.”

We have therefore spent more time with our pets or continue to do so despite the gradual lifting of the lockdown, which is not without consequences on their psychology. In order for this experience to remain positive for our companions, especially those who do not have a garden, the dog and cat food brand Ultima delivers 4 tips and advice. The brand also offers 2 original DIY tutorials to make toys for canids and felines.”

” Play daily

2 daily play sessions of 15 to 20 minutes allow both the dog or cat to exercise physically and have interactions with his master.”

Ultima suggests fun activities that are as simple to apply as they are stimulating for the animal, such as ball games or hiding kibble.”

” Exercise positive education

Positive education consists in reinforcing the good deeds of the dog or cat by rewarding them, rather than punishing its deviations. This educational method is therefore based on primary stimuli such as food, games and caresses, to:

Offer the animal a structured environment Strengthen the animal /master bond Improve cohabitation with the whole family Control his diet

The confinement was likely to reduce the physical activity of the pet and to install bad eating habits difficult to correct. Controlling the diet of the dog or cat is therefore more important than ever in order to avoid weight gain and its consequences on its health.”

Ultima recommends, for example, making a hole in a cardboard tube and filling it with kibble, in order to encourage the animal to play with it to feed.”

Ultima’s other trick is to place a towel in a box to hide treats that the animal will have to find.”

” Limit stress

The dog or cat used to stay home alone while the master worked or studied. Confinement has changed the game and disrupted the animal’s routine, which is a source of stress for him.”

Ultima advises, in this regard, to ensure respect for his personal space, to limit his interactions with children (especially with regard to cats) and, if possible, to leave him an empty room where he can isolate himself when he feels the need.”

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