This woman and her association save around 350 horror dogs each year

In the south of Spain, a former Englishwoman created an association in 2011 with the aim of saving the Galgos. Dogs approaching greyhounds. These hunting specialists are often neglected, mistreated, tortured and killed by their owners, not always satisfied with their performance. The association is constantly fighting to fight against a practice that is far from disappearing …

Hundreds of dogs , very often Galgos, a sort of Greyhounds, experience a painful, excruciating end of life on the other side of the Pyrenees. In Spain , the perpetrators of these barbaric acts call it “playing the piano”. A sweetness that is not. It is in fact a form of torture reserved for hunting dogs which prove to be inefficient .

A constant influx, but more in February

To the point of shocking the inhabitants, like Tina at the base. This Englishwoman moved to Spain in 2007 with her daughter. She could not resist the tragedies she saw before her eyes. In the streets, “ there were dogs everywhere, dead dogs by the side of the road, thrown in garbage cans . It was shocking ”. Tina didn’t sit idle for long.

Hunting should be prohibited

In 2011, she created the Galgos Del Sol association in order to help a suffering and mistreated race . Unfortunately, not all interventions can succeed. Sometimes Calgueros intervene. Tina and her teams have no choice but to let the dog go back into the wild . A dog who has nothing to hope for but a slow and painful death.

Bev, a woman who rescued a Galgo last year, adds that “ most dogs live their entire lives on the brink of starvation , with no affection from humans. Many only live up to 2-3 years before being replaced . In other words, before being killed.

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