Only hope for her puppies, this bitch finds a way to protect her litter from her abusive owners underground

Because she was afraid for these puppies and was in chains, one bitch had no choice but to dig a hole to place them and protect them. Fortunately, an association intervened.

In Henderson , Texas, a woman kept 46 animals in appalling conditions : 28 dogs , 6 puppies , 2 adult cats , 9 kittens and a turtle . They were given only poor quality food, dirty water, and had no proper shelters. In addition, they did not receive any form of care .

When the Texas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA ) arrived on the property, some of the animals were, sadly, already dead . The survivors were either locked in cages or tied to heavy chains . The dogs, mostly Siberian Husky crossbreeds, had lesions around their necks from the chains.

Among the quadrupeds was a 5 year old female dog called Bella . She had given birth a day or 2 before and, as she had nowhere to shelter her 6 puppies , she dug a hole in the ground to place them there. She positioned herself next to protect them .

Bella now had nothing to fear either for her offspring or for herself. Like the rest of the animals saved from this hell, the dog and her cubs were taken care of and cared for by the SPCA , then entrusted to foster families . A few months later, the puppies and their mothers each joined their respective adoptive families.

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