Why does my dog cough in winter?

Illustration : "Pourquoi mon chien tousse en hiver ?"

cold, cold and persistent cough are typical winter diseases. Fortifier, cover yourself, avoid ventilation, don’t bathe in the crowd, vaccinate against influenza… All these are common sense rules for spending the winter. But does your dog have the same problem? Can we compare our respiratory diseases and symptoms to dogs in winter? Let’s review some accepted ideas to better understand the origin of dog cough and relevant suggestions for controlling cough.

executive summary

your dog cough is not a common fact, it is caused by infectious cough or foreign body in adulthood, The origin of cough is often different. Special attention should be paid to the specific situation. Your dog’s cough is not an ordinary fact. The classic cold attack of

is very rare in dogs. Its fur can resist huge temperature changes, and it is well prepared to deal with winter. However, if its natural defense system is somewhat defective, it will be more vulnerable to gastrointestinal viruses and bacteria and related intestinal diseases. Therefore, your dog will not cough for the same reason in winter, which is unusual for this species. The origin of cough, whether acute or chronic, is multifactorial. Careful consideration, avoid self medication, rapid response is the right response. The first year of puppies is essential to strengthen the immune system and protect them from many respiratory diseases. In order to control the occurrence of major forms of cough, a vaccination plan for canine infectious diseases (square disease and herpes zoster) and a comprehensive pest prevention plan (for Angiostrongylus or Ascaris). Dogs are not susceptible to influenza, but some vaccines may be recommended, such as dog cough vaccine, for living in groups or affected farms.


refer to the exploratory behavior of dogs to enable them to discover and understand the environment, It faces new risks, such as biting or swallowing foreign bodies, including swallowing foreign bodies, which sometimes lead to digestive and respiratory complications. Irritation, cough, genetic and respiratory disorders are caused by wood, stones, bullets, garbage or bone fragments. It’s important to be vigilant at all times. It will help you keep your dog healthy.

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. Cough in adult dogs may occur during rest or walking, may be sporadic, accompanied by mild vomiting, spitting or wheezing. Regular examination is necessary. Cardiopulmonary X-rays will help to distinguish upper respiratory diseases (tracheal collapse, infectious tracheitis, tumor) from diseases affecting the lungs or heart more accurately. Remember, there are often some exercises in your ballads to improve your dog’s comfort and avoid these unpleasant things; Put the safety belt on the necklace that is too tight, avoid pulling his belt, and actively communicate and practice with your dog so that the belt will not be pulled onto his fragile neck (trachea).Acute pulmonary edema Git is an aggravating form. It is suitable for dogs with heart failure. Although it is treated every day, it will have serious complications, including fatigue and resting cough. Hospitalization is usually required. Some breeds have this tendency to heart disease (boxer, rider King Charles…), while others have an age-related evolutionary form (poodle, Picchu…).

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” Choose short headed dog breeds (such as bulldog, Carlin, etc.) to make them vulnerable. These dogs are prone to congenital malformations from the throat to the bronchus. They will suffocate as much as possible. Then early in their life, you can plan surgery with your veterinarian to help them breathe well, reduce heart fatigue and possible syncope. Therefore, a dog’s cough is not a harmless symptom, which is very different from your symptoms. From the moment it appears, it invites you to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. “

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