Nearly 1000 adoptions during Animal Valentine’s Day at the SPA

Screenshot YouTube / SPA

Organized by the SPA almost 2 weeks ago, Animal Valentine’s Day allowed many visitors to meet the dogs, cats and NACs living in the association’s houses and shelters. And in terms of the number of responsible adoptions, the outcome of this event was very good.

The Society for the Protection of Animals celebrated the feast of lovers before the hour and in its own way. On the weekend of February 8 and 9, 2020, the SPA organized the “ Animal Valentine’s Day ” in 62 SPA shelters and houses throughout France.

An event that gave many people the opportunity to (re) discover as a couple or alone the reception structures of the association, and to get to know their furry or even scaled residents. All in an excellent atmosphere , provided by the employees and volunteers who facilitated the meetings, with a view to promoting responsible adoptions . Demonstrations were also carried out, as shown in the video below, through which the SPA also thanked the visitors and all those who contributed to the success of the operation.

We can, in fact, speak of success, because “Animal Valentine’s Day” enabled 476 dogs , 461 cats and 29 NACs to be adopted and thus to join their new families. That is to say a total of 966 animals .

A positive assessment , therefore, knowing that the SPA collects each year 46,000 animals in its shelters and houses. Peak arrivals are generally recorded during holiday periods, during which the number of dropouts increases considerably.

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