Deprived of her hind legs, this stray dog struggles to raise her cubs

Her hind legs amputated by a train, Si Bao the stray dog not only survived this horrible accident, but she also found the courage to take care of the puppies she had just given birth. Then an association took charge of the whole small family …

That Si Bao is still alive today after what she went through is a real miracle . This stray dog who lives in China had indeed been hit by a train . A terrible accident which caused him to be deprived of his hind legs .

Despite the bleeding and pain, the dog survived . She even adapted subsequently to her handicap, having learned to move on her 2 front legs .

What’s even more surprising and admirable about this story is that Si Bao gave birth to a litter of puppies and looked after them very well.

Photos of the dog and her story were relayed by local and international media, including Mail Online . Very quickly, many Internet users from around the world, moved by his mishap, offered to help .

Associations have also taken action. Volunteers picked up the dog and her cubs and took them to Datong Meilian Zhonghe Veterinary Hospital . The puppies were sick when they arrived and unfortunately 2 of them did not survive distemper .

The others, pulled out of the woods thanks to the care received at the veterinary hospital, were then adopted . Their courageous mother also found a family , that of Jill Robinson , founder and director of the Animals Asia association.

A happy ending for the brave dog, who found herself in the street because her former owners had abandoned her when they moved .

The YouTube video below recounts his moving story …

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