20 photos documenting the wonderful day at the beach of 2 dogs adopted by a couple

2 surviving bitches spend a memorable day at the beach with their owners. As can be seen in these photos.

Ginnie and Garnet are 2 bitches with a painful past. When their fate seemed to abandon them, Lauren and Jacob Greeno adopted them. The couple decided a day at the beach was well deserved for their pair of friends.

Here are 20 photos from Ginnie and Garnet’s day at the beach.

1. Ginnie is a Boxer cross who lived in chains and in the worst conditions

2. She narrowly escaped euthanasia

3. Garnet is a Labrador Retriever cross

4. Storm survivor with polyarthritis

5. Lauren and Jacob Greeno were a blessing for both bitches

6. Garnet had an operation that cured her disease

7. The 2 bitches now have a family

8. They are accompanied by 2 other dogs, Gendry and Gigi

9. The troop recently moved

10. Going from Virginia to Florida, a day at the beach was in order

11. Ginnie is recovering very well from the operation she underwent ten months ago.

12. While Garnet appreciate his 8th month in his new family

13. Their owners wanted to offer them a symbolic day

14. A way to permanently bury the past

15. The bitches highly appreciated these moments

16. Fresh air and unconditional love they never knew

17. The survivors were able to take deep breaths of fresh air

18. The sea being able to invigorate both men and animals

19. Their first encounter with the sea was a success

20. That Lauren did not fail to immortalize in photos


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