By barking to alert his owners, this dog saved the life of their child stung by a hornet

Donald, a 14 year old teenager, was lucky enough to have his dog named Charlie by his side. Last month, his 4-legged companion became his hero.

Although he loves everyone, he still shows himself to be much closer to Donald . The teenager and the animal are true best friends.

The dog saved his best friend

In April, as the boy searched for his fishing rod in the shed, a heavy hum was heard. A hornet came to push its sting under Donald’s skin. Charlie , who was watching his sidekick from the living room window, started to fidget. Panicked, he ran and barked to alert mom. “ Charlie has never acted like this before, he felt Donald was in trouble, ” she explained.

The latter saw her son lying on the ground, struggling to breathe: Donald was allergic to hornet stings. Candia Merchant rushed over to him, Charlie at her heels, to give him his meds and take him to the doctor.

Charlie will always look after his family

Donald recovered quickly. Although the accident is nothing more than a bad memory, Charlie refused to leave his best friend for 2 weeks. “ He would lie down and sit on him, he would follow him everywhere, even in the bathroom, ” revealed Candia Merchant .

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Members of the household are very grateful to the canine. They know full well that as long as Charlie stays with them, they are safe.


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