Britons captivated by the buzz of a photo with the presence of a Dachshund on the roof of a pub

Rocketmandan123 / Reddit

Chester the Dachshund visibly takes himself for the spider-man. This is, in any case, what his master said after the mass sharing of a photo showing the dog proudly enthroned on the roof of an English bar-restaurant. A scene that amused a lot on the canvas.”

In Sheffield, in the North of England, the new local superhero is a low-legged dog that does not have vertigo. It is, in fact, a Dachshund whose photo showing his penchant for heights quickly made the rounds of the web, as reported by the Mirror on Tuesday, September 14.”

An unusual scene captured by a man who was walking his dog. He was passing the Three Merry Lads, a well-known pub in the west end of the city, when he began to hear barking and could not determine where he came from. It was only by raising his head that he could see the canid, who was standing on the roof of the establishment.”

The Dachshund did not seem at all uncomfortable or frightened, quite the contrary. He seemed quite quiet and watched carefully what was happening around him, especially the one who took a picture of him.”

Rocketmandan123 / Reddit

An image widely relayed on social networks. On the Reddit platform, for example, it has garnered tens of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, some of them humorous. We were able to read this from one of the Internet users: This Dachshund is finally the size he thinks he has.”

” This is Chester. He thinks he is Spiderman

Many have wondered how the canid managed to climb to the roof. A Reddit user relied on the Google Maps satellite image to highlight the fact that the site includes several buildings of various heights and adjoining each other. So the dog could have easily sneaked through a window and moved from one roof to another.”

Eventually, owner Three Merry Lads was contacted. It’s Chester, our dog, he explained, before assuring that he is doing well. He thinks he’s Spiderman,” added Chester’s master, who he says is a regular on these little escapades.”

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The Three Merry Lads

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