Blind and successfully operated, this dog is seeing his family for the first time. His reaction is explosive …

Duffy had not seen for months, but an operation allowed him to regain his sight. His reunion with his family is a great moment of joy.

Even if it relies more on its sense of smell , loss of sight for a dog is, of course, a terrible ordeal . She is also affected by his family, who are both grieved for him and often feel helpless in the face of the animal’s distress. It is also up to his masters to help him adapt to his new condition. Luckily for Duffy , his people won’t have to.

Indeed, as reported by The Dodo , this friendly Irish Terrier dog could have been operated on by Dr Brady Beale after going blind . The blindness he suffered from was a consequence of diabetes , but the successful surgery allowed him to see again . His diabetes was stabilized thanks to treatment supervised by Dr Kevin Kumrow . In the commentary accompanying the video , the dog’s owner, Benjamin May , thanked the 2 vets .

Sometime after the operation, it was time for Duffy to reunite with his family , who had come to pick him up at the veterinary clinic in Malvern , Pa. Adorned with a collar intended to prevent him from scratching his eyes with his paws, until they heal completely, the happy quadruped has finally been able to see all those he loves and who love him.

The reunion scene was filmed. A moment full of emotion and happiness, where the dog wags its tail at full speed, goes from person to person to receive hugs and see each one even closer, as if he did not believe it. not yet his eyes to have regained sight.

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