Abandoned by his former owner because he no longer wanted him, this stray dog discovers love a month after his rescue

In Romania, volunteers had succeeded in gaining the trust of a very gentle and relatively healthy stray dog. They found out he had an owner, but the owner let them know he had no plans to get him back.

Howl Of A Dog is an animal welfare association based in Resita , a town in western Romania, about 350 kilometers from the capital Bucharest . When its members learned that a dog was roaming near the tracks , they quickly went to the scene to help, Animal Channel says.

However, the animal did not allow itself to be approached. The rescue was risky , as a train could pass at any time. The volunteers tried to lead him to a safer location, but he fled with each attempt.

Fortunately, they had thought of taking some treats . By offering him these, they managed to attract him to them . They then gave him time to get used to their presence and to sniff them . A few strokes later, the dog easily let a leash around his neck.

The Howl Of A Dog team was able to take him to the vet , who discovered that he was carrying an identification chip . The dog was called Bobi and its owner lived about fifteen kilometers away. While they believed they had succeeded in reuniting an animal and its handler, the latter’s response was a huge disappointment when they got him on the phone. The person told them that he no longer wanted Bobi

A reaction all the more unexpected since he seemed to have taken good care of the dog, which was not thin (he weighed 18 kg), had a friendly character, was castrated and chipped, therefore. The only serious health problem he suffered from was loss of vision in his left eye , most likely the result of an accident after his abandonment.

Howl Of A Dog took Bobi in charge, waiting to find him a new loving family .

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