At 4 weeks old, these two abandoned puppy sisters survived by sticking to each other!

The volunteers struggled to approach 2 little bitches roaming the streets of Sri Lanka as they did not trust humans. They were still able to save them and heal them to allow them to start their new life.

Embark is an association helping street dogs in Sri Lanka, an island state located in the south-east of India. When the volunteers working with him learned that 2 puppies in bad shape needed to be rescued in Colombo , the capital of the country, they went to the scene without wasting time.

The volunteers called them J1 and J2 . They took them to a veterinary clinic , where they were found to be suffering from scabies , anemia and tick bites. J1 also had a leg injury that made her limp. To reassure themselves, they always remained one huddled against the other . They did the same when they were in the street.

Gradually, they began to realize that they had nothing more to fear from the members of Embark . They even started playing with the other dogs at the shelter .

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Once restored, they were offered for adoption . J1 and J2 didn’t have to wait long, as a couple with a little boy adopted them both . They thus joined their family to experience a new beginning.


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