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geo positioning and tracking tools continue to be promoted. They involve more and more fields, and the life of our dog friends is no exception. For some car owners, such a tool is a real blessing.


GPS Necklace: what is useful? Principle of GPS dog necklace selection standard

losing a dog is the worst haunted dog that any dog owner knows. For all people with four legged partners, it’s a nightmare to think of staying away from themselves and maybe never see him again. GPS necklace is one of the accessories to prevent this from happening. It is becoming more and more popular among dog friends. How useful are GPS necklaces? What quality must it have?

GPS Necklace: what’s the use? The GPS necklace of

dog can prevent the owner from losing the tracking of his pet. It enables it to know its location in real time (more or less depending on the model).

therefore, this device provides the possibility for dog owners who tend to run away to locate them, making their search easier. It can also be used when the dog is stolen.

finally, for hunters whose dogs are taken far away, the tracking collar also allows them to track them over a long distance.

The principle of GPS dog collar

the device is usually installed on the dog collar in the form of shell. It works with mobile applications installed on smartphones, tablets or computers.

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market offer a variety of features, including the ability to define security zones. Through the application, the user can establish a virtual fence and receive an alarm when the dog exceeds its limit.

other models allow tracking of the dog’s activity, for example, reporting the number of steps performed and the distance traveled.

Prices range from € 80 to € 500, depending on the type and function of the equipment. In some cases, subscriptions must also be provided.


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selects the standard weight: the comfort and welfare of dogs must take priority. Most GPS necklaces are designed to be light and weigh only tens of grams to avoid hindering the activities of animals. Autonomy: a GPS Necklace battery that does not provide a satisfactory level of autonomy is useless. If you can’t find your dog in a few minutes, you’d better not equip it. Ease of use: the device and its application programs and interfaces must be easy to understand and implement. Not everyone likes the delicacy of high-tech jewelry. Function: the choice of GPS dog necklace also depends on the function it provides, so it also depends on how you intend to use it. If you only look for a simple GPS tracker, a basic model is enough. If you want to have a tool to track your dog’s activities, you will turn to more complex models.

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