Five senses of a dog

Dog’s five senses Illustration : "Les 5 sens du chien"

the dog’s five senses enable it to evolve in the environment, perceive things, and interact with peers and other creatures called through.


Smell: the dog’s ace owner hearing: a very fine feeling of all our eyesight: good taste at night: not as good as human touch it: different mechanisms

smell is its main asset, but its hearing and vision are also very developed. Let’s take a look at the particularity of each sense of our dog companions.

smell: the owner’s asset

dogs are famous for the power of smell. In fact, this feeling is more developed than humans, with an average of 200 million cells (compared with 5 million small cells). The number and range of olfactory receptors also give dogs a clear advantage in this regard, a total of 130 square centimeters (compared with only 3 square centimeters for humans). The dog’s sense of smell is so fine that the smell it can capture is 1 million times thinner than that detected by humans.

because of its highly developed sense of smell, dogs can recognize their own food, Distinguish between master and partner interaction. The olfactory signals sent and received by dogs are indicators of attitudes and emotions (fear, aggression, happiness, etc.), which can only be understood. Dogs’ strong sense of smell has long been used by humans. It is especially used to find missing, buried or hiding people. Police, customs or military units use it to find drugs, banknotes or explosives, and the holder tries to hide these items in various ways, It means better in dogs than in people. It is estimated that the hearing of our dog companions is six times that of humans.

because of their strong hearing ability, they can perceive sound from a long distance, four times that of humans. In addition, the high mobility of their ears enables them to locate to improve their speed in locating sound sources. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. To learn more about

, don’t forget that dogs’ hearing is very sensitive and can capture ultrasound. These ultrasound frequencies are very high and we can’t perceive them.

vision: night performance

for a long time, people mistakenly believe that vision is the fatal weakness of our four legged friends. Of course, this feeling is not as strong as human beings, but once an animal obtains all the visual abilities at the age of 3 months, it can perceive a variety of colors (less than human beings, but not only black and white as people usually think). It can even capture the master’s gestures within a distance of one kilometer and can’t be seen at night.


especially because dogs have a larger field of vision than people: our dogs have only 270 ° and our dogs have only 180 °. Due to the different breeds of dogs and the shape of skulls, the taste of

: it is not as developed as human

. If dogs have only 1700 taste buds (compared with human beings, there are only 9000 taste buds), this “disability” has little impact on their daily life, because they don’t need it very much.

is mainly because of their sense of smellThey know and appreciate their food. In fact, they usually don’t take the time to chew and swallow it quickly.


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touches it: different mechanisms

dogs have claws instead of hands, But this does not prevent them from being really sensitive to touch. Simply put, this feeling plays a different role in them; For us, the skin is the medium, and in them, hair, maxillary hair, itching, eyebrows and cushions play this role. “

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