20 photos of Airedale Terriers you’ll want to pet

Airedale Terrier dogs have such a generous coat that they turn into furballs that one would love to stroke. As these photos prove to us.

Airedale Terriers are medium build dogs with well-stocked coats. They are excellent companions for children even if they remain very independent and somewhat stubborn. Above all, they are real fur balls that we can’t wait to stroke.

Here are 20 photos of Airedale Terriers looking like cuddly toys.

1. The spectacle of this Airedale Terrier dog playing with his kitten friends is most touching

2. The joy of seeing the owner’s eyes open in the morning

3. A beautiful dog who explores the world

4. This person is currently unavailable because the puppies have decided to fall asleep at his feet

5. When an Airedale Terrier puppy tilts its head, our hearts go wild.

6. Seeing his enthusiastic expression, we can see that he understood that we were paying him compliments

7. When it’s time to play, the dog hurries to sound the alarm

8. Sitting happily on the lap of its owner

9. The living room is completely invaded by living stuffed animals

10. A big fellow ready to go on an adventure

11. He will take care of the shopping

12. A nice photo of an Airedale Terrier asleep during a hike

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13. Walking to the market is one of his favorite activities

14. He found his soul mate during his walk in town

15. But nothing beats the country air

16. He will not move from there until he sees his owner return.

17. The meal will have been very generous

18. It displays, one leg after the other

19. One last photo before sunset

20. Her curls suit her very well


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