A duo of friends risk their lives to save that of a puppy stuck in the mountain after falling from several meters!

A mountain hike almost took a dramatic turn after the fall of a young dog, then that of his mistress and a man trying to rescue him. Specialized rescuers finally intervened to put everyone to safety.

A group of hikers had gone to the site of Bridal Veil Falls , near a waterfall located in Colorado (western United States). Among them was a 25-year-old from Denver and her 3-month-old puppy.

As they entered a mountainside road, the dog got too close to the edge and ended up falling , landing four and a half meters lower on some sort of small promontory , Animal Channel reports.

His mistress and her friends immediately began to think about how to save the young canine. One of them managed to descend under the rock on which the puppy is located, in order to receive it in the event of a fall . The owner of the animal then tried to join the quadruped, but in doing so, she too fell . Fortunately, the man who preceded her slowed her down, but they both ended up several meters below.

Help was called. Fairly quickly, San Miguel County mountain rescuers and Tellurides firefighters arrived at the scene. Thanks to their equipment and their know-how, they did not take long to get the situation under control. The rescuers were able to recover the 2 hikers who, slightly injured, were taken to the hospital .

One of the firefighters rappelled down to the dog’s level, put it on a harness , and then reassembled it safely . The puppy was safe and sound , and was able to find his relieved mistress soon after.

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